Art beseeches that Almighty Me clue you even further as to what to do. My imprimatur is: Art’s view brings light touches 2 My ageless Word … 2 u.

4 these 6 poets, both majestic & mundane ironies are the stock in trade of their stout convictions. Ironies: … sublime clues 2 … My compositions.

Seriousness has its dry drawbacks & humor, its obvious advantages. Colorful characters, & exacting verse, make 4 an entertaining last call … in verse.

All are duly summoned to meet upon Mt. King’s lofty apex, once daily, at least. Why there? Why not NY’s UN? On Mt. King we’ll fit; NY … not.

Excite! Not just undergraduate students (2morrow’s educators), but as well 2day’s movers & shakers in academia. Move quickly. … Liquor’s quicker.

& not just the professors & scientists of academia; businessmen, across the board clergy, politicians, parents, & even in arts; it’s not PC … 2 stake positions.

Excite! Not just students but as well the parents of those students, their political reps and everybody else, moving & shaking … aimlessly.


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