Almighty: Arthur humbly prays Your Spirit infuse him with measures of insight distilled. Bring  to Your adopted children … messages … awakening.

Listen silly Earthlings: Madness, that of just plain people and nations alike (zoos of nations and peoples are clues to His Mysteries crossing ages. You must understand.

What if we ask from atop Mt. King’s peak, “What if?”  & What if, when we ask such a landmark question … we’re viewing brothers … aloft … alit … in the dark.

Accordingly, as if to kill not two but three birds in flight with but a single stone, around several odd letters to movers and shakers … a personal, …

… versified appeal to all of mankind and humor the Crew wove a tapestry … real and surreal; … a tale … meant to unnerve and startle.

Meant to startle … but mind you … positively; shedding light on matters generally is much to be desired, … but it surreally …

… turns on perspective. … Beacons beckon & spotlights illume; … but a beacons spotlight alit may or may not unduly discomfit  the duly … or … unduly alit.


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