Art beseeches Almighty Me finally. He knows better than to ask Me of when. Rather, he
knows to prepare for what shall be … presently.

“Presently” sounds (as it’s sounded and resounded also over all too many generations scared shitless) pretty darn soon. & so it shall be for all to many. … Be prepared!

Many suffer from debilitating Attention Deficit Syndrome (ADS) on a daily basis. Arthur indeed believes he does … and believes it’s ‘normal’ … frankly.

Twitter brilliantly filled a ready made void. That it did so with 140 rather than 150 characters; seemingly genius. After all … You’ve all gone … aTwitter.

Twitter, tweet, tweeted and twitting have all been given new meaning, … and reTweeted, … coined. Where’s all this going? … All’s coming to Me … Art’s … been instructed.

“It’s not about you”. The opening sentence of Pastor Rick Warren’s landmark text impaled Art’s heart  amongst its marks … of millions of hearts.

Empowering knowledge, 980 CHARACTERS (the blog) & a medium (Twitter) … are to to clue you to do … what a homo sapiens’ … got to do.


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