History’s no place for dreamers (paraphrased) is how HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum reacted 2 Arthur’s dream; surprising … indeed.

On behalf of all dreamers, throughout all time, we beg to differ. History has been built upon our backs. But that YH as if represent the 1% & Arthur …

… as if, the 99% may be, long term, (implausibly) fortuitious. That’s why Arthur respectfully offered to correspond with His Highness privately.

That and b/c some folks at the State Department, Art surmises, held their their collective breaths when Art & HH Twittered publicly … under radars inattentive.

Albeit protocols of which Art’s is ignorant fated that Your Highness not respond to Arthur’s offer, a door, Allah willing, is now at long last, just ajar.

For The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was a visionary (a very great dreamer) who, through His Grace, became great leader, with grand views.

You too YH Sheikh Mohammed … have great destinies, visions, legacies and … yes, … dreams. To reap them YH, sow them. For as ye sow, so shall ye reap. Dream, … YH … dream.


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