Art beseeches again that Almighty Me bestow a Holy imprimatur upon Arthur’s Tweets, blog, book & coop. … ReTweets of My message, … web logged.

At the heart of The Wine & Cheese Miracles’ (aka Wannabes) are 3 self-fulfilling prophesies. Time’s ticking on 1, 2 & 3. …  It asks, … “2 be, … or … not 2 be?”

2 the 100% (the 99 & the 1): Shall we opt for retrograde anarchy or more wisely choose 2 co-opt 2 & 4 evolutionarily prescient planning? … 2 be or … not.

Wannabes warns that a failure to plan is a plan to fail. At the moment, we have not a foggy clue (UN, u 2), much less a plan. … What’s the plan, … Hu?

We’ve gotta opt for ditching this defunct ‘we vs. them’ paradigm & fast. Co-opt 4 the 1 4 all & all 4 1 paradigm He calls 4. … What’s the plan, Saul?

Strive 2 not fight as per Sun-Tsu & Clausewitz. If u fight, utterly destroy. Leave enemies nothing 4 which 2 die 4. … Nothing.   

Fringe elements dictate sundry rules of engagement. Put a smart device in everyones’ hands and marginalize & limit anarchists … 2 a few stray hands.  


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