Art prays anew to Almighty Me to bestow My Holy imprimatur upon poetic ReTweetings of Words to you over the ages. I so do. Yet they’ll say: … “You lie … ReTweeting”!

That fringe elements dictate rules of engagement (and disengagement), holding us captively in their thrall, … is stark testament to … the pickle you’re in.

Three self-fulfilling prophesies augur that we might opt for prescient planning over anarchy. … Wannabes … also asks … “What if?” … (repeatedly).

Ditch this defunct ‘we vs. them’ paradigm. Co-opt for sappy,Three Musketeer things. Fear  not change … for the positive. His paradigm you must embrace … not fear.

Putting smart devices in everyones’ hands would do far more than limit zealots and marginalize anarchists … to a few stray … vagabond hands.

Your newly acquired ability to measures of My ubiquity’s been remarkable. Abused repeatedly, however, privilege is … as you presumably know … revocable  … permanently!

That Wannabes be co-written by 6 Sauls to Pauls is imprimatur; God chipped in with 7 blogs and the 11 verses (that started it all) is imprimatur too. Praise God!

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