Art begged Almighty Me: “Lord, please bestow Your imprimatur upon these my Tweets … blogs and book of ReTweets of Your Words.” ” It is done,” sayeth Me, God. A precisely written set of …

… 7 Tweets-turned-to-blog follow. Arthur Everman shall follow accordingly until he expires thereafter. The 1st 7 taken together are model for his following blogs of 980 CHARACTERS.

7 tightly-worded, allegorical blog logs aid all to write more spartanly and to live, more wholly, holy. Arthur’s experience of 7 days with 980 CHARACTERS? Crazy!

140 x 7 = 980. Maximum length, succinctly-worded Tweets, morph extremely well into a shorter, more concise blog totalling, precisely … 980 characters.

That’s important because readers of every ilk, more and more, read less and less They tend generally, not to read at all, any piece that takes too long … to ‘The End.’

Almighty Me googled for 6 sexy, alkie-slacker-Bohemian-wannabes in My universes; … dabblers too in verse, to duly serve Me better, … in re-verse!

Use the force Luke (er, … Arthur). … Use 1s … & … 2(s), … & … yes … 3s … too. … Arthur, … ever open-mouthed, … gaped … and … scribbled notes all the faster.


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