Lord: Art humbly prays Your Holy Spirit infuse him with insight distilled to empower. Co-author Art gets (via Twitter), to Your adopted children … messages … faster.

BLEATING IRONY shall turn to themes in education often. Seems to be that Tweeting irony is a great forum; to start, check out an oddity of only the world’s 2nd … lingua franca.

The richest tongue on the planet (by word count) owes its wealth to poor immigrants, heavy borrowing from foreign tongues … and His timing … fateful and … quirky.

To wit: More English-speaking Chinese than there are Americans. Perhaps, … more Chinese Americans than Americans … know … a twit … from … a tweet.

Tweet & Tweet; both, pretty commonly understood. But twit? Twits are taunts. To twit’s to titter … or to tease … Hmm … Our host … is Twitter … not Tweeter!

Why Twitter and not Tweeter, albeit an intriguing riddle isn’t the point. The point’s that from up aloft atop Mt. King’s peak … one glimpses … His Kingdom.

“Wassup wid dat shit?” or something akin some’ll mock. Mock not the possibility of what’s really a surreally … must-do-thing … As vehicle … God chose chachomanopapa … surreally.


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