140 X 7 = 1 PAGE: # 1

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “1st things 1st ; the 1st address given is officially God’s official Twitter account #twitterfiction … decrees (in jest).”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Implausibly … but only seemingly incredibly, Bo, Twitter & the Pope have The Globe … a-twittery.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Headlines: R they guilty? Twitter, Bo and the Pope deny not a #twitterfiction “Ninja Massacre” …  complicity.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Even Beliebers  are abuzz bout writin, reedin, tweeting, blogging & blogs … not four headless Ninjas.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Headline: #twitterfiction be viral agent of transmission of believer-fever-alchemy?”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters …  “Tweeting to blog … destiny- forging-fever … for educators & marketers … cross-lingually.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters …  “Tweeting to blog? Surreally … & really, out of retirement, alchemy, in a comic #twitterfiction murder-mystery … artistry.”


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