140 X 7 = 1 PAGE: # 6

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Imagine. What if  you ninety-nine % press one percenters, through tweeting? Socially networking … smartly.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Imagine. What if you ninety-niners coordinate your tweeting via Twitter? Socially networking … effectively.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Imagine. What if you ninety-niners act akin to Luke & Arthur via Twitter? Socially networking … Forcefully.

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Imagine. What if you ninety-niners & followers, pragmatically do tweet? Socially networking … timely.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Imagine. What if you ninety-niners usher in a new age through Twitter? Socially networking … sublimely.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Imagine. What if you ninety-nine sow & reap peace, through Tweeting? Socially networking … peacefully.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters … “Imagine. What if you ninety-nine do, what My imprimatur has been given to? Socially networking … Holy.”

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