140 X 7 = 1 PAGE: # 7

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters “Abba, Adonai, Allah, Jehovah or Yahweh; writes He of Whom … hymns of praise … are sung for.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters “Compare the Vatican’s ‘How to speak of God in 140 characters’ (at shar.es/67nqL) … with Art’s blog’s views.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters “However, the Vatican and it’s vaunted educators aren’t the only educators … dogging it.” 

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters “Christ’s Vicar (Ben), the Prez (Bo), and twits (Twitter) are dogging it too. Three twits stunt … man’s tomorrows.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters “Imagine. But what if ninety-nine percent pressured the one percent on Twitter? Social networking … Divine.”

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @MuslimMatters “Imagine. But what if we ninety-niners were to coordinate our tweeting? Heresy … to the powers that be.” 

@chachomanopapa @ShareThis @JTAnews @ MuslimMatters “That’s why the Ninja nightly attempt, to whack Art; in #twitterfiction, Art dumps Ninja parts … at cemeteries.”


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