1 PAGE: # 9

BREAKING STORY … “@ShareThis. chachomanopapa.wordpress.com/, Arthur and Almighty Me via #twitterfiction, #present #peace, #in3acts … #alchemically.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. Me googled for a gaggle of slacker groggers across Me’s far-flung parallel universes … ya know … like … infinitely.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. Me did so google a gaggle of slacker groggers b/c Arthur prayerfully argued … topically comical words might  … attract better.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. All of the groggers typed, excruciatingly slowly. Yet ready, was their manuscript, in time with Mayan timing … phenomenally.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. Your Creator’s author & editor but Me be damned if Me’s ever been critic. One thing’s sure. We’re chuckling in Heaven … knowingly.”

DEVELOPING STORY … “@ShareThis. Arthur and his Zoo Crew of odd critters (Angel Trainees), however, haven’t been as well received in milieus … more earthly.”

BREAKING STORY … “@ShareThis. Arthur & his motley crew of critters, have consequently, been stripped of wings, most unfairly … having waxed well … poetically.”

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