1Page: # 10

Arthur Everman, angel trainee, trained his shaded eyes away from My direct (some say) steely gaze … He knows God’s gonna do, what God’s gotta do … anyway … really.

Arthur, wings clipped (& beside himself emotionally), was only but physically beside Me … He’d forever be butt … of jokes & jibes … for all … of eternity.

He & and his alkie critter pals (pursuant to heavenly protocol) were fairly unfairly … of shiny wings  stripped. Unfortunate. The Sexy Six … had waxed well … poetically.

Demoted for seasoning to the minor leagues (at Olympus), he’d have to withstand … heavenly drudgery, yet another year … the heavenly drudgery that’s life … for angel-trainees.

My story’s history, education’s alchemy & any who’ve tweeted or retweeted, either to Arthur, or Myself, maybe soon … in bookstore … buy book … or store.

Who’s the author of your reality & the reality of everything & everyone, past present & future … beyond it? … And who gets to … by virtue of His power … empower?

You can thank Me (God) later, if we do (lol), see one another, hence … Beckons implausibility;  extreme Art … a tanked crew … & a treaty … ‘tween Kim Jong Un … & Me.


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