1 PAGE: # 12

And so it passed, in #twitterfiction, that a wingless Angel Trainee, Art, became the first trainee ever to suffer … such an ignominiously … humiliating … indignity.

Back to Art later. In #twitterfiction, a bloody good bloke … But first things, duly first … Job one is saving a planet … a world done come … at the seams … undone.

That context (a world unbecomingly come undone), unglued Me. Only somewhat implausibly, googled for were critters. They, and Art penned a self-fulfilling comedy … starring … Me.

A screaming tweet drowned out these holidays twas the tweet that screamed: “KIM JONG UN AND POPE … SECRETLY TWEETING” … in #twitterfiction.

Another tweet drowned out these holidays; the tweet that teased, “NOBEL FOR DPRK’s KIM? Corporate powers that be … and two-legged proxies … are targeting Art … and him.

Nobel? DPRK? KIM? How on earth, such implausibility? That’s what Me’s been tryin’ to tell ya. chachomanopapa.wordpress.com … to #twitterfiction … Abba.

Yea, Almighty Me’s no bones re tweeting with thee. Why then dost thou re tweeting with Me? Reneging, art thou? chachomanopapa.wordpress.com … to @ShareThis #twitterfiction, e-z.


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