1 PAGE: # 13

Write it. They’ll come. Leave Zeitgeist, miracles and other supernatural phenomena to Me … They did and you didn’t. Art doubted chachomanopapa but … ne’er Me.

Art ne’er doubted Me but the feasilbility of enterprises resting near completely on the salability of a manuscript no one had read … and no one cared to read.

To what avail what’s written well if what’s so written ne’er sees … day’s light … Arthur … following a heavenly protocol, of his wings … was stripped … by stripper.

Such an unprecedented event, for Arthur, was fateful. More on that later. More importantly, even before his wings were shorn, his tweets & blogs had rippled … outwardly.

Eventually, when the Zeitgeist was just right, Me tweeted Ben, Bo, Twit & Kim … Frankly, Me tweeted them: Go down the tubes now … (really) … or later (surreally)?

That got their attention. All agreed; win-wins for all; cool panacea. Yet, all that shook on it … now have feet cold … as a witch’s tit.

All but Kim. Let’s face it. Twit’s a twit. He’s out of it. Ben’s old. Bo’s not so old but he ain’t bold. And what is Kim? KIM IS NOT OLD … KIM IS BOLD … KIM IS GOLD.


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