1 PAGE: # 16

That Kim Jong Un be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 is not near as implausible as it may seem, in a #twitterfiction of surrealities … so seemingly … nonfictional.

Consider: In a recent tweet, Me characterized Kim as “gunning” for the Nobel Peace Prize … in 2013. Not so implausible, as it seems … in dreams … #twitterfiction’d.

Consider #twitterfictionally, Kim Jong Un’s recent remarks regarding the DPRK’s economy … vis-a-vis, its rocketry … Eyes on Kim … and not because he’s sexy.

Consider that Kim knows that it is what it is; and that it … need not be. Only he of the three Me tweeted along with Kim, shook hands … enthusiastically.

Consider Kim himself. Take it from Me, The Almighty. No man as unseen, is watched so keenly. And so he moves like the tiger … deliberately.

Consider: Kim knows that you do not know the real Kim. He wants you to know him … That Kim, sexiest only to his wife … is the real … Kim Jong Un.

Considering the above, Me’s characterization of Kim as “gunning” for the Prize wasn’t chippy. Rather, it is because #twitterfiction’s surrealities, seem so … nonfictional … really.


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