1 PAGE: # 21

My children learn intuitively (not instinctively), that there is strength in numbers. Ants & bees holistically teach kids … what generals & CEOs use, to gain, strategically.

Education’s alchemy; one needn’t be a whiz in chemistry to appreciate the energy of children. What force might be brought to bear if we  … concerted action?

Forbes recently noted our number; 7.1 billion in it’s article on the 71 that count. Unabashedly elitist, unnoted was that each … is powerless absent … large numbers of proxies.

Kim Jong Un, about 28 & already, head of state & the sexiest man on the planet, is moving up on that list, for unbeknownst to Forbes, a Nobel may await … Kim Jong Un.

A Nobel for Kim. Not at all out of the question, if he plays his cards, judiciously. Implausibly ludicrous to knowledgeable pundits … it’s perfect … surreally.

With Facebook, the new face of the planet and Twitter, its voice, Me wonders whether seventy-one million might start … to manufacture … alchemy.

Oily old ways of making money, ever filthy, are as well, increasingly passe. Education is alchemy, and alchemy’s rocket fuel for the forging … of destinies.


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