1 PAGE: # 23

Facebook, the planet’s face and Twitter, its voice, bode that 1% of 7.1 billion, 71 million, in #twitterfiction, make fiction … nonfiction.

Elitist Forbes Magazine, in a piece on the 7.1 billion, wrote of 71 of you that are, in #twitterfiction, “the ones that count” … a nonfictional … fiction.

There’s strength in numbers and there’s alchemy in education. In #twitterfiction, synergy’s energy may be reaped, by acting … concertedly.

There is alchemy in education just as surely as there is strength in numbers of the busy bees and antsy ants, in hives and hills … respectively.

Kim Jong Un, 28-29, the DPRK’s head of state is too, Onion’s sexiest on the planet, indisputably. Uttered is Nobel, in the same breath as Kim Jong Un … implausibly.

A Nobel for Kim? Not out of the question if Kim plays dead-pan poker judiciously. Implausibly ridiculous to talking heads, it’s perfect … for Me.

The Korean stalemate, problematic as it is, is the best bet amongst the global nuclear rivalries, for a #twitterfiction settlement of issues … plausibly.


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