1 PAGE: # 24

The Korean stalemate, problematic as it is, is the best bet amongst your global nuclear rivalries, for a #twitterfiction settlement of issues … quite possibly.

The stalemate, pitting a Communist North against a capitalist South, is in microcosm, allegory, Korean, of recent … anthropological history.

In contrast to nonfiction, in #twitterfiction, this stalemate’s precursor to a united Korea, really lessening global tensions … surreally.

Kim Jong Un, youngest head of state, in #twitterfiction’s, the sexiest on the planet, if only to … his beloved … lovely wife … Ri Sol Ju.

Elitist Forbes Magazine, in a piece on the 7.1 billion, wrote of 71 of you that are, in #twitterfiction, “the ones that count” … a nonfictional … fiction.

Fact is that Forbes’ “ones that count,” don’t count much without the rest of you. Without you … the ones that count … count too few.

Facebook, Earth’s communal face, and Twitter, its communal voice, augur the means, already accessible, by which you might aspire … to Me … communally.

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