1 PAGE: # 39

Six critters; one, of a pathetic, two-legged variety, opine on the human condition …

and predicament, in nonfictional … #twitterfiction. 

Six souls armed with but a handle are on a ‘mission impossible’ to enable the unable;

a mission for homo sapiens … not at all impossible.   

Six called upon to dreamily write by the nonfictional Force of Muslims, Christians

and Jews; called upon … to tweetingly … paraphrase Him.

Six lovers of Ovid’s insights into change and Emily’s letter to the world take a cue

from them. Their tweets are to say … we all, love you.

Six Bohemians beg: Abnegate nationalities! Exalt humanity! A call to action:

Make real the impossibility of Global Truth and Reconciliation!

Six wrote the manuscript from which these tweets and those of the Twitter Fiction

Festival are drawn. All nations are … addressed therein.

The Wine and Cheese Miracles; prose, poetry, tragedy and comedy, and in #twitterfiction …

a contradiction … nonfiction …  posing as fiction.


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