1 PAGE: # 40

This and six that follow are chachomanopapa@wordpress.com’s nonfictional preview
of posts in the Festival of Twitter Fiction … II.

Therein, the six authors of the Wine and Cheese Miracles opine on the human condition,
and predicament, in #twitterfictional … nonfiction.

The six; Buzz, the fly, Kong, the ape, Lou, the lemming, Job, the chupacabra and Abe,
the sheep join Arthur in dreams, to humanity … save.

Save Art, each being was googled by the Force to help Arthur write a groundbreaking work,
to enable a less than able homo sapiens … to work.

Why 7 tweets? It’s because 7 X 140 = 980 and 980 characters, on a single page, easily fits;
it’s because nothing that’s too long, can do it.

Why poetically? Perhaps only the Force of the Muslims, Christians and Jews will ever know
for sure how tweets became lifesavers … of foes.

The Wine and Cheese Miracles; prose, poetry, tragedy and comedy, and in #twitterfiction …
a contradiction … nonfiction … posing as fiction.


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