1 PAGE: # 41

This tweet and the six that follow are tweet and blog-log-sized bullets (140 X 7) in a quest
from war via Twitter’s … #twitterfictionfest.

Five inter-galactic fans of poets Ovid and Emily aid an oh-too-human Arthur A. Everman
write non-fictionally, by bizarrely surreal, fiction.

Faced with the virtual impossibility of saving mankind from himself they write as a team,
linking together, book, blog and tweet, in dreams.

Poetry melding Ovid’s and Emily’s; letters to a planet about inexorable change. Ergo, visionaries
question: Of what good is … nationality?

Tweet-sized warnings to the nations highlight the utter unsustainability of a fatally
flawed world order, as in, the following two tweeties:

President Vladimir Putin: Once, 1/6 of the land mass of the planet proudly
flew Russian colors; in Sochi they yet fly, albeit, less proudly.

For how can an old bear feel as proud as it did once upon a time; before it came to fear
a black widow spider? Paralyzing is … such fear.


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