1 PAGE: # 42

“Thanks for … your idea for #TwitterFiction … 2014. Sadly … your fiction
did not make the cut for the official showcase.” [in non-fiction]

For a second straight year, Art and his inter-galactic cohorts may be ‘also-rans’, participating,
but not featured, in storytelling.

That notwithstanding that the story they’re telling … in the tradition of Ovid and the tradition
of Emily begs telling … albeit, nonfiction.

Tweet-sized warnings to the nations highlight the implausibility of a fatally
flawed world order, one dominated by treaties, and entreaties.

The six Buzz, the fly, Kong, the ape, Lou, the lemming, Job, the chupacabra and Abe,
the sheep join Arthur in dreams … to humanity, save.

Faced with the virtual impossibility of saving mankind from himself they write as a team,
linking together, tweet, blog and book, in dreams.

Poetry melding Ovid’s and Emily’s; letters to Earth re inexorable change. Ergo, six visionaries
question: Of what good … nationality?


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