1 PAGE: # 43

Of what good nationality? Of what good artifices marked by invisible lines around
brightly colored flags? What good is, blood-soaked ground?

Of what good, good will toward men and interlocked Olympic rings when action
and inaction belie and indeed … make a mockery … of them?

Of what good technology? A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Understand;
we are failing; for a house divided against itself … cannot stand.

Woe unto ye, ye silly earthlings; ye whom pay lip service to sacred trusts will end up paying
the piper … notwithstanding … your praying.

George said it best; he who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.
Since it has not sunk in yet, surely, we’ll be repeating it.

Yea woe unto ye, ye silly earthling nationals; for even when the black widow injects
her venom into the bear … even then … ye won’t reflect.

Collectively we’ve a tendency to believe, “That won’t happen to me.” … For Almighty God’s sake
… WAKE THE FUCK UP! Too much … is at stake.


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