1 PAGE: # 44

Much is at stake. It is not about you. It is not about me. It’s about us; and whether … nonfiction … may be stranger … than any fiction.

An unknown quantity even to his friends and family, Art intertwines tweets, a blog
and a book to a planet’s denizens in the densest of fogs.

Government is not necessarily bad, but it is necessary. Rather, it’s its implementation by fallible men that makes it undeniably, untenable.

Poetry melding Ovid’s and Emily’s poems to men about inexorable change. Ergo, six visionaries
ask … Of what good … is nationality?

“To be … or not to be ….” So wrote the great Willy. It is way past time that we took a page
from that book, and made it conviction … sage.

Take a cue from events to unfold at Sochi. Criminal minds are often amongst the most
reasonable. Black widow spiders … bite … their hosts.

It’s past time for Global Truth and Reconciliation. Whether you think we can, or might
think we can’t … you’re quite right!


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