1PAGE: # 45

It’s time for Global Truth and Reconciliation. Whether you think we can, or whether you might
think we can’t … you’re absolutely … right!

And so, The Wine and Cheese Miracles; prose, poetry, tragedy, comedy, and, in #twitterfiction,
prophesy … nonfiction, posing as … fiction.

Poetry melding Ovid’s and Emily’s; in poems to men and women about change, visionaries
ask … Of what good are borders … and nationalities?

A poetic and prosaic tragi-comedy, and in surreal, nonfictional #twitterfiction, yes,
prophesy too … for prophesy oft is but … educated guess.

Take cues from events unfolding at Sochi; criminal minds oft wait until marks relax. A black
widow … shall emerge from her lair … to attack.

A black widow prays to her deity, He of the Jews, Christians and Muslims; praying her mission
succeeds … in #twitterfiction-al … nonfiction.

And succeed she shall; for she needn’t kill another to accomplish her misguided mission;
so it may be … in #twitterfiction-al … nonfiction.


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