1 PAGE: # 46

Black widows pray to a deity, He, of the Jews, Christians and Muslims; praying missions
succeed, in surreal, #twitterfiction-al, nonfiction.

At Sochi’s closing ceremonies a black widow takes her own life to Putin’s Olympics, mar
and drive home-grown realities, to televisions afar.

What’s the fashionable suicide bomber wearing these days? An explosive vest, no doubt;
in addition, disguises, to blend in … not, stand out.

Arthur and his co-author pals tried to alert the media, and the politicos, e.g., @louisestory
and @barackobama et. al., most unsuccessfully.

It’s time for Global Truth and Reconciliation. Whether you think we can, or whether you might
think we can’t, you are … quite right!

Voila! The Wine and Cheese Miracles; prose, poetry, tragedy, comedy and in #twitterfiction …
prophesy; nonfiction … posing as … fiction.

A poetic and prosaic tragi-comedy, and in surreal, nonfictional #twitterfiction, yes,
prophesy too; for prophesy is oft but, educated guess.


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