1 PAGE: # 47

Thankfully, Sochi’s closing ceremonies ended with no loss of life. Art is thankful
for that. Needless to say though, it pays to be watchful.

Congrats to @PutinRF_Eng for the Sochi Games. Kiev and the Ukraine, however,
where he is less in control, are another matter … altogether.

Congratulations too to the Russian peoples, and especially, to the participating winter
athletes, as well. You were all, bar none … winners.

You’re also all losers. You exalt your nationality over your humanity. This call to action
is calling for, Global Truth, and Reconciliation!

Six Bohemians say: Abnegate nationalities! Exalt humanity! A call to action:
realize the impossibility of Global Truth and Reconciliation!

Arthur and his co-author pals tried to alert the media, and the politicos, e.g., @louisestory
and @PutinRF_Eng et. al., most unsuccessfully.

Not even a reply, much less a follow. No matter; @NelsonMandela has shown us the way.
Comes a day when we shall be forced to try it his way.


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