1 PAGE: # 48

Once upon a time God googled a gaggle of inter-galactics, giving them an impossible mission:
tweeting homo sapiens sapiens, into submission.

To tweet an entire species into submission; a surreal mission, seemingly impossible to do.
What on Earth would God have … the tweeters do?

The inter-galactics, the auto-denominated sexy six, surmise as follows: God would have them
tweet to blog to write, a nonfictional, fiction.

The Almighty would have the googled inter-galactics tweet to blog, to write a nonfictional
fiction, and so discover a secret … alchemical.

Ah, alchemy; the esoteric proto-science that fathered the real sciences of chemistry
and medicine. Its very name, an etymological … mystery.

The Ancient Greek ‘chemia’ may be derived from Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics for the land
of Egypt itself; ‘black earth’, not, desert sand.

With the addition of the Arabic definite article ‘al-’, mythology, magic, religion and spirituality
also, found a mystical home, in alchemy.


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