1PAGE: # 51

In #twitterfiction’s #twfictionfest, tweets to a planet, are blue-birded blueprints; tweeted
to international leaders: AN ATLAS … TWEETED.

#Twitterfiction’s #twfictionfest commences shortly; time now for an admonition;
a preview of some surreal … yet nonfictional … fiction.

Time is short, in more ways than one; soon begins #twfictionfest via #twitterfiction.
When though begins, Global Truth and Reconciliation?

Likely, never; prophetically speaking, it’s just not in the cards. Rather, the nations
are both, man’s zenith and nadir, in #twitterfiction.

The nations are both, mankind’s zenith and nadir, in surreal, #twitterfiction-al nonfiction.
Follow @chachomanopapa, for more … information.

And follow as well chachomanopapa@wordpress.com for yet more surreal, #twitterfiction-al,
nonfiction, i.e. … The Wine and Cheese Miracles.

In #twitterfiction’s #twfictionfest, a preview of AN ATLAS, TWEETED (The Wine and
Cheese Miracles) … to the end … that ye … understand.


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