1 PAGE: # 54

#Twitterfiction is over, but surreal nonfiction, and the fiction that arises from
it, is not. Current events are of the past … reflection.

In a #twitterfiction-al referendum, the AP’s reporting that Crimea has near unanimously
voted to return to their roots … Russian hegemony.

The Russian-sponsored Crimean referendum just passed has become a #twitterfiction-al
political conundrum, for wide-ranging … parties global.

A mere two days later, today, Tuesday, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin
incorporates Crimea … in nonfictional #twitterfiction.

“We do not want a partition of Ukraine.” So has declared @PutinRF_Eng on this date in
history, in surreally, nonfictional … #twitterfiction.

Small comfort to what remains of the Ukraine, the EU and the USA; their options
limited to calling Putin … a ‘bully’ … in #twitterfiction.

Yea, it’s all about location, location, location in real estate and in power plays in
nonfiction. So knows Gog in surreal … #twitterfiction.


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