Indeed we ought learn; and not just from the Jain and the Jesuits nor just from
prophets and peers. Ergo Arthur dreams
and he and his intergalactic dream weavers write of what’s dreamt … for from
dreams … dreamers … realize … dreams.

Art’s thirty poems in thirty days are meant to plant a seed. Taken from the Council’s
manuscript, they’re a fair summary of the rest of the text.
Accordingly, NOW HEAR THIS: The rest of the Council’s proudly populist civil
manifesto … is meant to … someday … be a text.

The Wine and Cheese Miracles is a manuscript that begs all … “To be or not to be?”;
it is a question that is, as a plan in itself, an insightfully
wise way to inter-connect, to help, to get help, to learn, earn and prosper … to be …
in peace. To so be … be … connectedly.

Given human nature and the irrational ‘rational’ interests that form the bedrock
principles that determine our international
policies there’s no reason to believe that greed, monopolies and corporate stocks
of the enfranchised … will be helpful.

For many it shan’t sit well. For many of the many, riches out of proportion
to equitable principles is all the birthright
that matters. Powers that be have always been; equitable redistribution …
aimed at righting wrongs … is wrong … alright.

So no one ought hold their breath awaiting a presidential responses to what ought be
of utmost concern to everybody … everywhere …
not just Americans. What if we cast off blinders and opened eyes? Would we see
beyond trees … the forest? … Shall we so dare?

The Holy Scriptures, Rick’s tome respecting our individual purposes, Tony’s
on near instantaneous, positive changes in
conduct, Nelson’s Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and the Sexy
Six’s on kinship, auger … we may act … akin.

Rick and Tony eloquently potentiate a hopeful reality; for if destinies
individually may be purposefully forged,
ipso facto, so may we forge regional destinies …. A global destiny
we may … by His Grace … communally forge.


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