To: All having wisdom in the palms of their hands, but clutch it not, to their hearts
From: The Zoo Crew (aka, The Sexy Six, aka, The Council)
Re: Visions in Nutshells: A Proposal and Request for Further Proposals to start …
Date: Today and tomorrow, ‘til Kingdom comes, when it will

“… perchance to dream …” of what was, ought, may and shall be. The illustrious literati
of history: Plato, Aristotle, Socrates,
Shakespeare, Shaw, et. al., in occidental lands and their eastern peers, Lao-zi, Kong-fu-zi,
the first Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi …

… et. al., in oriental lands, were all men of flesh and blood. No God amongst them …
philosophizing wordsmiths … one and all. Such great men
eloquently speak to and for humanity about the burning question of whether then …
to be, or not … then … and now … and again.

So, it was to the sage words of our predecessors, often teachers, that the Council
has often turned, along, of course, with a trinity
of His Books, to offer humanity some last minute advice; arrange your affairs; little
pleased, is He. As we strew debris … He seethes.

That’s He’s understandably but little pleased is conjecture, true. Reflective of the
mutually shared conviction of the Council, it does
conjure too the precise words that were sent via electronic-mail (in dreams) to the
six Council members … That brief message was:

“What ten words do you bequeath?” Each had gotten an identical inquiry. All were
from resident at bliss dot com. Uh-huh. But before
long, upon each not finding any resident there but rather, each other, over
wine, cheese and the net … was the Council born.

Fancying testimony helpful toward soul-salvation on some mission completing,
the invite’s oddity (which had completely freaked out
each uniquely unqualified slacker), turned into allure. With calming wine advancing,
all agreed to seed … albeit … self-doubts.

And so came to pass upon Milky Way dreams that delightful interchanges ensued;
the setting … cyberspace; the pressing subject matters …
education, peace and prosperity. Six lives intertwined when somehow so summoned,
the subjects … on cue … all dreamed together.


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