“What ten words do you bequeath?” A spookily cryptic question, electronically
mailed from a ‘resident’ at bliss dot com. Predictably,
no resident answered Arthur’s reply. Surreally, his co-authors did. Collaboratively,
over wine and cheese, the Council was born … dreamily.

Collectively fancying the salvation of their souls upon some impossible mission
completing, and mesmerized by the seemingly supernatural
nature of the inquiry, for each member of the astonished Zoo Crew, trepidation
turned into allure; wine and cheese … seemed natural.

And so it came to pass upon Milky Way dreams that an ambitious plan was formulated;
the setting … cyberspace; the pressing subject matters …
education, peace, and prosperity. Six lives intertwined when somehow so drafted,
the sexy six … on cue … all dreamed together.

Council member meetings over the years since 2004 suggest that the Scriptures,
the internet, our will, our numbers and our letters
united may be both remedy and means of transmission of that larger picture
whereby brotherhood … we better foster.

The sublime fact of the matter then is that whether or not we act wisely
going forward, where individual destinies
may be purposefully forged, ipso facto, so may we forge a collective destiny;
transcendence too … all the more grandly.

So, like forests unseen for towering trees, words, wondrous gifts we so wantonly
waste revealed to the Council that destiny equals
the letters of the internet times the numbers in nature exponentially
from a Scriptural base; an alchemic equation … to increase capital.

Re-characterizing alchemy in such a way may potentiate millions of dreams for prosperity;
accordingly the Sexy Six distillation of an apt answer
to the cryptic “What ten words do you bequeath?” inquiry is to “Forge destiny
with love, compounding history’s letters …

… through nature’s numbers.” An answer as accent, like the icing on a glorious cake, like
those from which we might delight of, in foreseeable futures;
to be or not to be, indeed? Accent your humanity, not your nationality unlike
our past history …. That’s the big picture!

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