Once upon a time God googled a gaggle of inter-galactics, giving them an impossible mission:
to tweet … (wo)mankind … into submission.

To tweet an entire species into submission; a surreal mission, seemingly impossible to do.
What on Earth … would Allah/God/Yahweh … have the tweeters do?

The auto-denominated Sexy Six, surmise as follows: The Almighty would have them
tweet … to blog … to write … a nonfictional … fiction.

Granting the unlikely six broad poetic license, The All-Merciful had the critters googled
write The Wine and Cheese Miracles … An Atlas … Tweeted.

While together dreaming, tweeting, blogging and drafting The Wine and Cheese Miracles;
An Atlas, Tweeted, the Sexy Six discovered … secrets … alchemical.

Ah, alchemy; the esoteric proto-science that fathered the ‘real’ sciences of chemistry
and medicine…. Its very name … an etymological … mystery.

Historically, alchemy encompasses either a quest for material perfection, or one
for spiritual ennoblement. The former, ne’er seen; the latter, routinely done.

That hieroglyphs named Egypt ‘black earth’, not desert sand and that etymologically,
‘alchemy’ is derived therefrom, is a fascinating irony.

Huh? Sounds suspiciously, synthetically, ‘new age’. Synergy, or witchcraft, maybe;
synergy yep … witchcraft … not … and yep as to … alchemy.

For exponential operations measuring the metrics of such unprecedented unity
wouldn’t be measured arithmetically, but rather … logarithmically.

Appreciate the dynamic. Ye needn’t be a statistician. Ye already intuitively know;
joint builders build faster than what those building alone … may show.

Synergy’s economy is evident in nature; the key to insect’s success is a secret in
plain view. Near endless restlessness … near endless action.

(Wo)men, in God’s wisdom, may aspire to mimic the successful strategies he sees
in nature; unfortunately, he’s ever constrained … by a tribal mentality.

We must exploit such insight and harness even but a fraction of the industriousness
of our insect neighbors. The plan; twelve chapters … to address this mess.

An open invite to all, believer and infidel alike: Go to
and to @chachomanopapa at Twitter. Read there about … kingdom come.


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