Come to chachomanopapa@wordpress.com and to its analog @chachomanopapa at Twitter.
Read there about kingdom come; about … how He governs … better.

Read selected excerpts there from The Wine and Cheese Miracles; an Atlas … Tweeted.
It’s an Atlas … Tweeted because, therein, every land … is represented.

Tweet-sized warnings to the nations highlight the implausibility of a fatally
flawed world order, one dominated by treaties … and entreaties.

Why chachomanopapa@wordpress.com? Why, The Wine and Cheese Miracles? That’s relatively
easy. As Willy made famous, it’s all about whether to be … or not to be.

The story they’re telling … in the tradition of Ovid and in the tradition of Emily
begs telling … albeit … non-fictionally.

The six; Buzz, the fly, Kong, the ape, Lou, the lemming, Job, the chupacabra and Abe,
the sheep … join Arthur in dreams … to humanity … save.

Faced with the virtual impossibility of saving mankind from himself they write as a team,
linking together, tweet, blog and book … in dreams.


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