Ever look for a hat already on your head? Or glasses on bridges just under your
eyes? Or otherwise not clearly observe what you look
for? Changes in perspective oft bring into view what’s unsuccessfully, sought for.
When looking for hats, don’t God … overlook.

Council member meetings over the years since 2004 reveal that the Scriptures,
the internet, our will, our numbers, and our letters,
united, may be both remedy and means of transmission of a larger picture,
whereby brotherhood … we better foster.

The sublime fact of the matter then … is that whether or not … we act wisely
going forward, where individual destinies
are purposefully forged … ipso facto … so may be forged … a collective destiny;
transcendence too … just much more … grandly.

Eventually, time’s tickers, take us all. One (Arthur’s), skips a beat, and
throbs, even as Art writes. Only somewhat ironically,
(given history’s panorama), he’ll likely not live to see through the planned
forging of a more global … destiny.

Bold plans, audaciously planned and executed, augur possible victory, even
sometimes, against odds, seemingly insurmountable,
are among history’s best lessons. A naked Jew’s escape, from a Nazi prison
camp, by ‘becoming’ a corpse … is but one such jewel.

David’s bout with the Philistine, Goliath, is another; it was a mismatch alright,
but not as expected. Ethiopia’s wispy
Selassie’s outwitting of a warlord rival is a classic story. Wise foresight’s
key. Beyond dreams and means, end planning … is key.

The implausibly impossible dream: Killing not one, nor two, but three
Goliaths .. with but a stone. Move forward.
The vision is: To make pens mightier even than swords we need only
acculturate. Toss in kilns … swords. Forge them into … words.

Life and death, sooner, or later, in big pictures, are matters, disquietingly belittling. Accordingly, the Zoo Crew has been moved to
write as Ovid, once, long ago wrote, “… to sing of shapes turned into new bodies …”;
It’s the song … and the vision … we’re so moved … to.

The Metamorphoses echo across ages. To a largely illiterate world (to
the entire world of his age), Ovidius wrote, “Gods,
inspire my undertaking (for you have changed it too).” Who knew he wrote, as well too,
to us? Virgil and Homer, no doubt (approvingly) … nod.

Augustus banished, bitter cold Romanian winters humbled him. Still, wine rations
chopped into servings, left him defiant. He wrote,
“… art … my companion … joy …” … “Over that Caesar could not get jurisdiction.”
Volumes spoken, in but two … pithy quotes.

Some times we find what we’re looking for; the sundry hats, specs, wallets, keys,
and souls; sometimes we don’t; but fret not earthly
losses. Rather, recognize what’s of utmost importance. The soul’s key, to heavenly
homes promised, in Scripture(s) … literally.

Dear lector may think, “Overlook God? Surely, not I, the oft devout?” But, if you’re not
selflessly serving Him, or His children (your kin), in
a significant way (from His perspective, not yours), part of the solution you’re not;
rather, you’re part, of a fatal … problem.

The Council emphasize: Ne’er a one of the Crew ever heard, much less saw, Almighty
God …. We imagined the call … We imagined it all.
Thoughtful, profound critters are plot devices intended to allegorically
tell tales …. We mean no offense … none at all.


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