Art asked God if he’d gone freaking mad? He’s asked about you too. Really,
who’s sane? Was only he loopy? Or, are all of you, too?
Mysteries across the ages are clues. Nazca; Urantia; Casee; really eerie
ancient lore … and much, much more; all … clues.

It’d all begun dreamily; later, precursor plans were unceremoniously
panned (albeit by inattention); such were the non-events
that gave way to Art’s asking God for a sure Way to a movement, invent. Easily,
in dreams, the Crew … came … and went.

Notwithstanding implausibility, the Crew knew exactly what to do, when to
do it, and how to do it. Art gaped, dumbfounded. “See, …”
they said, … “What you’ve done is good; for very good, expand it artfully, into
epic. Write something to forge … human destiny.”

New breed leaders must step up; courageous but pragmatic leaders that
realize this nation-state fixation is taking us down. Some
day hence, it won’t be sunny; blackened ground and gray skies contrast at
somber horizons …. Nuclear skies … blot … the sun.

Much is at stake. So much so that Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh’s Words inspired a dense
wino-child of His to show you God’s sense
of humor’s cool and laughter’s still the best medicine. Might the uncommon sense
of critters … open eyes … to common sense?

Chapter one proposes that Earthlings completely restructure the prevailing
international economic dynamic. Do
subsidize the provision of an intelligent device to everyone; broadly mining
ideas, is Job One … There’s no … re-do.

Spotlight clashes as per Chapter Three. Proceed as per Chapter Four at Godspeed
to be like bees in forging your manifest destinies.
Chapters Five through Nine picture the nation-states; a triumvirate last three
chapters … glimpse … what may be … our destiny.

Our Holy Scriptures, Rick’s book re our individual purposes, Tony’s
books on near instantaneous, positive changes in
conduct, Mandela’s example, a coop model, and a Zoo Crew’s dreamy story
on kinship … augur … we may act … akin.


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