To: All whom having wisdom in the palms of their hands, clutch it not, to their hearts
From: The Zoo Crew (aka, The Sexy Six, aka, The Council)
Re: Visions in Nutshells: A Proposal and Request for Further Proposals for a jump start
Date: Today and tomorrow, ‘til Kingdom comes .. when it will

That dear Emily not so long ago wrote poetry which she christened her letter to
the world that had never written to her presupposes
that she too, previously, hadn’t ever gotten around to writing to
the world. Accordingly, The Council … composes.

Presumably too, few replied to Emily’s heartfelt, vibrant verse. Unprecedented
verse, but verse, nonetheless, not responded to. The Sexy
six aspire (with His help), to stand upon Emily’s shoulders, and be responded
to … quickly, and … world widely.

And so came to pass upon Milky Way dreams that delightful interchanges ensued;
the setting … cyberspace; the pressing subject matters …
education, peace and prosperity. Six lives intertwined when somehow so summoned,
the subjects … on cue … all dreamed together.

Far more goes on here than any one pair of eyes (but One) can Omnipotently
comprehend. Art, ever one eager for getaways
and pick me ups, purposelessly drank and dreamt and then drank some more. He
escaped escapes … the Bohemian way.

Say what? The Bohemian way? That’s no way, it seems, to kick a habit. Seemingly
so; but since being Bohemian means alternatively
being from Bohemia, being a gypsy, or being also, an unconventional literary.
Art chose, finally, that last one … to be.

It’s said that a pessimist is just an informed optimist. Keep that adage in mind
as what the Council recommends is critically
read; and to balance things, remember also, “Out of thought, out of mind”;
it’s always wise to plan … for contingencies.

It’s very much key that we approach the future pragmatically. We can’t do it all
at once, but, given all that we’ve done, not even the heavenly sky
has been, frankly, all that much of a limit. What if, concertedly, we all
just ask, “What if”, as we all wave … to a lab in the sky?

Dreams being dreamy, they oft tire before life’s onslaught and prematurely expire.
Yet visions may, if timely, become ripe.
For if you’ve discovered the power of fire, and a wheel’s utility, then aspire,
to forge a destiny …. The time, is ripe.

Dreams do ethereally dissipate. Effectively, it is as if, they never were;
keeping them alive to, perhaps, some fine day ripen,
is the gist of what this epic is about, albeit there are, important others.
Dream your way … to a Way … egalitarian.

We of the Council do indeed believe that treasure is, where our hearts are. We
believe we were made for selfless service to our communities.
We believe in the alchemically transformative power of selected inquiries.
We believe too that absent plans … planned is … anarchy.

This ‘Big Picture’ temporal existence; ‘life’ as we have come to know it, ought to be
a hit on big screens. Sold as Grecian zoological
tragi-comedy: its past, present and futures vignettes, surreally tragi-comic are really,
and damningly … eschatological.


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