Recapping, Art’s big idea nutshelled was to, by rhyme-less prose letters to two children
(Ussammah and Dubbya), and with “carbon” copies to,
many, mimic Nelson’s Commission, utilize an abundant resource, our children,
and a cheap and handy tool, e-mail to …

… illume with revelatory spotlights first Puerto Rican lands, then middle eastern lands,
then subsequent lands to, at long last, give peace
a fighting chance to be more than a pipe dream. Even if we’re destined to never band
together like insects, we ought at least …

… struggle to do so. After all, all of life itself is a jihad, a struggle, be
it a lone sperm’s lonely quest, to be the first, and last
to cross a threshold, or a mouth’s last gasp for air. But the bee’s reason to be
empowers ours …. To know hence, ask … “What’s passed?”

Sir Hawking, astrophysicist, posits that in dynamics ‘tween past and present, we
may reveal clues, to accurately predict futures.
Thanks to Hawking and Breton and the illustrious before them, The Council agree
we need to chart … a wiser future.

In his A Brief History of Time, his relatively enlightened mind eloquently
frames questions that, if ever answered, would allow us
to “… know the mind of God.” Heady stuff! If only injections of wisdom already
were available. In lieu thereof … be assiduous.

And passionate; the Council defers to genius but know that those preceding him laid
a foundation, upon which those who came later, built
further upon. Galileo, Newton, Einstein and peers so blessed, accommodated
observations, to theories, linked … and morphed.

Resultant revelations have been nothing, if not magnificently, mind-blowing.
‘Twas not so long ago that scientists avoided,
like the plague, for various reasons, even the merest mention of deity, in
their work. These days … we’re more open-minded.

More or less; for legion are those who derisively scoff and mock those who entertain
the Creator’s role, in all of His vast creation.
Albert Einstein was enigmatic in this regard. A religious boy, he remained
spiritual, in but … abstraction.

He ridiculed, as “naïve,” the “feeble souls”, with faith in an anthropomorphic God,
opting for Spinoza’s god, not a personal God.
When then, uncertainty, certainly imposed unpredictability on us, God,
may have smiled, or laughed out loud …. Thank you, God!

For if He but smiled when Heisenberg reaffirmed our limitations, Heaven’s laughter
was heard, when Albert huffed, “God does not play dice.” Truly,
God’s, morality play’s plot was then, undeniably thickened. For science offers
proofs, faith, belief; one, doubt … one, certainty.

Such certainty is not belied by the polyglot of languages, the plethora of religions,
sects, cults, and cultures and the smattering of races,
distinguishing, this utterly confusing existence. The globe’s Balkanization
challenges us … to do an about-face.

And an abrupt about-face at that; Art, sensing as much when with heavy heart he wrote
to a killer, calling him brother to appeal to,
his conscience pleaded for him to reconsider, send his fighters home to live and vote,
not vainly stay, to fight, kill … and die too.

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