Would that “What if …” be, for Art, a symbolic epitaph. The only worthwhile
vindication is in the salvation of one’s soul.
On that, the Big Three agree. It’s over temporal matters that we learn to revile.
Let’s start from scratch … to transcend to a whole.

Interrelated, and recurring themes, woven herein by poetic wannabes
are meant to, highlight errors, in ways, and to suggest,
that there is in fact a better Way, of building atop of, what others previously
built (not reinventing) … to do it best.

Consider then, the view, from Arthur’s mountaintop aerie, or alternatively,
(and better yet), view that privileged view, that only
a few have ever viewed. Spectacular is our white-wisped but blue, ‘milky
way’ ball, from space. You’re amongst … the lucky.

Wisdom’s prism is revelatory. God’s Scriptures, the stories of peoples and prophets,
and man’s sum knowledge, through his books, may conjunctively
relegate red-herring controversies to their place; academic debate. Profit
then. Heavens, flora, and fauna make easy …

… decisions not to foolishly doubt, as does the agnostic; or even worse, deny,
as the atheist. The Sexy Six wonder (who then
when the shit hits the fan), of those who reconsider and recant at the end, rely
on His loving, forgiving nature … then?

It’s not then yet. Doubt and denials may be remedied. People must not be decried
for their beliefs, and pursuant conduct, if such deeds,
are particular to them, and leave neighbors harmless. Those who go awry
are to be, judged by Him … as so decreed.

It’s to everyman that the Council prays that the pluralistic spirit, that runs
through each of the Big Three, inspire that transcendence,
that from the bottom upward groundswell, whose ripple effect (maybe) … stuns
humanity, toward … such transcendence.

Thankfully, there are elements within each of the Big Three amenable
to such a conciliatory, reconciliatory,
evolution. A huge upheaval must trigger the groundswell whose ripple
effects diffuse secularly … through all humanity.

Electronically seizing the day, in truly big ways, before, on and after
the proposed Global Citizenship Day guarantees
that what happens thereafter, may be unlike that that could happen, were
we to proceed, on this course … so absurdly.

The pudding’s proof: A global stew, whose edibles boil over with regularity;
are prominently stewed in what’s euphemistically known as humanity,
or … international society.

Both terms, humanity, and, international society are, arguably,
misnomers, contradictions, in terms. For as to be,
human, begs humane, so society, begs cooperation and surely,
internationally, we’ll not soon be …

… other than we are, and internationally, that’s not, a society at all.
For calm, cool, culturally diverse, star-trekking crew
fantasies aside, a more likely reality than an inter-galactic call,
‘tween humans, is that efforts, past and new, …

… too, to encourage the peaceful co-existence amongst nations, cooperative,
gigs, and sustainable development, have surely
failed to forge, the radically reformed mindset, required of true, collaborative
peoples, of a global … community.

Rather, although we highly prize the trappings of success, and a vacuous veneer
of civilization, we’d do well, not to forget
our roots. That is to say that homo sapiens is the only species on this good, dear
earth, disgracefully, needing a net …

… a metaphysical one, within which to gather, not a dearth, but an atrocious
excess, of reasons to kill. Were it but for food and,
self defense, all for the better, but man kills moreover, for the reasons dubious
of patriotism, passion, revenge, and …

… greed; even indeed, for perverted pleasure. Add to the mix the disaffective roles
Machiavellianism and Malthusianism
have played. Consider also that Earth is perpetually stressed; its magnetic poles
fluctuate and flip, by a mechanism …

… mysteriously foreboding. Moreover, scant resources have the haves and have-nots
half nuts; the ever worsening plight of the have-nots
and crushing economic pressure on both haves and have-nots alike promises lots
of conflict … between the haves … and the nots.

G. Santayana said “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
Strife between the haves and the have-nots is history
in a nutshell. Learning-impaired humanity has been constantly repeating, its
story, since Cain slew Abel … verily.


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