Best and worst times revisited beg our disenchanted youth to read between the lines
of clear handwriting on walls. From Berlin to China, be
not fooled; governments dupe societies. But forgers of destinies may yet undermine
old boys clubs everywhere, where wannabes …

… do act posthaste. “When the shit hits the fan,” is a less than subtle representation
of the doom due mankind when it reaps what it has sown.
It may mark when seven billion souls vainly cover their asses and noses; a vision
of dire doses … when too late … to atone.

Already taken as an introductory sentence, Charles Dickens’ classic, “They were
the best of times, they were the worst of times.”, would have been
suitable also because, of these days too, it may well be said that they were,
and are, the best … and worst of times … akin.

The universality of his words makes the times of every generation kin.
Modern times, however, with their unprecedented
conveniences, menaces and copious amounts of sin, gin, and aspirin
call for prescience … unprecedented.

Were we merely facing dire challenges such as carbon emissions, global warming
and rising sea levels, science’s demonstrated
reliability might effectively intercede. But the problems we’re facing
are manifold … and multi-faceted.

Animate and/or inanimate marauders from outer space, cataclysm-causing
pressures of innermost space and hunger, poverty,
disease, ignorance, and constant politico-religious back-biting bickering
on Earth’s surface … bode reprised … anarchy.

Peace and prosperity through cybernetic education; a surreally real possibility,
albeit not, a probability. It’s not just because traditional,
bookish education, far less visually representative, is so inherently
inferior. It’s also because … it’s viral.

Curiously natural that medical terminology attach to picture both the fundamental
nature and the sundry ailments of developing technology;
for while ‘going viral’ is well regarded, viral infections, are much dreaded. All
in all … matters … begging security.


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