As we previously co-wrote in NaPoWriMo 2014, the virtual wannabes,
Buzz, Kong, Lip, Job and Nerd send their best, wishing us Godspeed
toward living happily, wealthily and wisely; or, alternatively, that ‘we’ …
as per Spock … “live long and prosper” … in deed.

‘Prosper’, perhaps more than any other word, encapsulates The Council’s message
to humanity. It is in prospering wherein
we may find music sufficiently soothing to calm the savage beast sages
say, in us resides … somewhere … waiting.

Kong more personally than the rest of the Crew, knows of savagery (and bravery)
like few others; and of forgiveness. Buzz’s an expert
on cynicism, and mercy. Lip’s a library on fatalism and banality;
Job, fecklessness; Nerd … unity … apart.

Perhaps the very need for a creative, paradigm-shattering solution to
mankind’s woes was what restored life-sustaining purpose to
the six humbled creatures of His creation whom, by mysterious invitation to
each … dreamed of humanity … and its due.

After all, one of the apparently few things we collectively know is that He
works in mysterious ways, sometimes via dreams. He
does as He will. We oft do too. But nothing’s about us. Everything’s about Him. He
surely made all for Himself … not for thee.

Such might yet be; for while it’s wise to consider life’s vagaries … it is wiser still,
wherever life is short, to duly consider life’s
probabilities in pragmatic conjunction with possibilities. Instill skills;
drill skills; mold wills; will ways … to best mute … strife.

Instilling skills, molding wills and willing, a sounder, saner and less bloody way to
not merely coexist, but moreover, cooperate
with extended families, is a noble purpose. Consciously evolving to
a new Way … prolongs our stay …. Confederate!

For just as brute strength, actually, if not necessarily, begrudgingly gave
way to, artificial, nation states, nation states, too, must,
accordingly, albeit begrudgingly, go, one way or another … to their graves.
One state best behooves those whom are … but dust.


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