G. Santayana said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
Strife between the haves and the have-nots is history
in a nutshell. Learning-impaired, humanity has been constantly repeating its
story … since Cain slew Abel. Victory …

… over history seems neither in the cards, nor in the stars. The story of Arthur’s
people is a case in point. Our plight is a strange one,
so like Alice in Wonderland that both The Strategy and The Plan were the author’s
scheme to see our struggle … at long last won.

More on enigmatic Puerto Rico in Chapter Eight. Suffice for now to accent
a disenfranchised people so peculiarly
placed, it’s become a spinning eddy, in the river of time. The fast rushing current
surges …. Spinning in place … Art came to be.

There’s where precursor halves of him become of his parents fused to become a person
such that if and when God ever googled for matches
between contrite alcoholic slackers and celestial pipe dreamers in disunion
with the powers that be … records matched.

More searches and matches followed as our Father only seemingly implausibly
drafted His own Dream Team, The Council, to timely tweak
us to chart a course less hypocritically in line with what’s been previously
revealed to those… whom for God … did so speak.

Peace be upon them. Certainly, no member of the Council may similarly speak.
Neither its Zoo Crew constituents, nor its human
one assert ever having heard, much less seen, the Creator; His Words they ever seek;
but so too do many folks … men … and … women.

Similarly, no one need hear nor see to know that in countless somewheres beyond three
dimensional physical reach, countless kin miserably
suffer in countless ways. We are all more or less locked into paradigm matrices,
cells … to which we have keys … to ourselves … free.


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