In further analogy, the entire planet begs for security. In a world so fraught
with worry, what first aid is there, for a mankind … effete?
Scripture, might be an unequivocal answer, but it and all else that is taught,
confuses; that taught in schools; that taught … on streets.

What’s taught in uptown schools and on downtown streets is antithetical to Scriptural
teachings. So, sow what you know in your heart. What school in
the world slants not its teachings? Learn to love. Love to learn. What’s anti-pedagogical
(what’s school and street taught) ought not be … cool … and in.

Fundamental to the resolve you must mutually share to move toward the global
community ideal is duly understanding
that quantum leap sorts of unusual change ought often arise from bottom to top as well
as trickling downward … from top to landing.

A monumentally transcendent, paradigm-shattering, evolutionary
metamorphosis arising, like a great groundswell,
upward from the grassroots of the citizenry shall be a revolutionary
quantum leap. For many one-percenters … it shan’t sit well.


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