A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Essentially, absent a sound plan (whether or
not in the event of a calamity), humankind’s plan
by default is anarchy. More than a crying shame, it’s a damning indictment for
prolific planners; end games beg … sound plans.

Wouldn’t the Truth and Reconciliation Commission model that so ably so
transformed South Africa yet serve to task
peacemakers to bring about a similar transformation to the still woe-
begotten Middle East at long … long last?

Ivory-tower scholars easily stigmatize people of faith as naïve fools or
as gullible saps and a 666-tatooing
Anti-Christ as over the top fantasy. Yet, whom indeed would have believed, before
it actually happened, that gassing …

… burning and burying Jews would be preceded by tattoos to better and more oft
efficiently implement … The Final Solution?
Not learning from history’s lessons is but one of our fatal flaws. Bernie Madoff
prospered enough to pose … Ponzi’s solution.

A heart-breaking irony, with The Holocaust still freshly seared; that one of their own,
an equal opp economic rapist of all though,
fires passions anew, in sites far from where divisive descendant cousins (like their own
progenitors, long ago split by dough) …

… seem ever endlessly afterward still split by dough. For what is land, if not dough?
The killing there is constant. Again we ask:
Wouldn’t the Truth and Reconciliation Commission model that so near unbelievably so
transformed South Africa … yet serve to task …

… diplomats to bring about a similar transformation to this yet strife-ridden
part of the earth? The truth of the matter is that no
side is totally in the right nor totally in the wrong. The truth being hidden,
the rhetorical answer: YES … and NO!

Yes, because it can be; no, ’cause it likely, won’t be. South Africans showed that
it can be; our history augers that it won’t be.
Bottom-line: it can be, so, it may be. For while we’re addicted to violence, that
addictions can be kicked … we know … may be.

Disavowing hate and embracing love, the killing cousins may yet walk hand in hand
as per King’s dream. For bloodshed is akin to spilt milk.
Each (wo)man is God’s child, with inalienable rights. All resources, the dough-land’s
harvest, need be shared, to make rare, words … like bilk.

And if we can do it there, we can do it everywhere. So, it is up to you,
U.N., U.N. Take a cue from Arthur, a nobody
like everybody, who, inspired by mountain-movers, took from them, a cue;
writing Ussammah, like all, a nobody …

… become somebody, albeit by piling bodies, indiscriminately. Seven Koranic verses
were cited to discredit the killer Ussammah.
To Arthur’s chagrin, the result wasn’t peace, less grieving kinfolk and less hearses
but rather, grave issues, now facing … Obama.


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