Imagine now races of mental midgets. They’ve been taught that merely
flipping a switch on a wall to the on
setting, will cure them of their illness. But if they are too obtusely
stupid, that taught to such men will ne’er get the switch … on.

You may agree that we do resemble somewhat at least the mental midgets inhabiting
the above verse. We too have been taught, and ought well
know by now, a whole lot more about communally doing the right thing.
What’ll have to happen … to force us … to jell?

Only prosperity promises peace. Only grim futures can ever await, any
person or people that can’t … or won’t … learn. The midgets’
sin is forgivable. Their stupidity is instinctive; but we’ve learned to be
stupid; and being stupid … we oft … forget.

We forget easily. We of the Crew, alcoholics all, know that all too well. We,
of The Crew, mind you, drink to forget … professionally. To be
concise, we’re left speechless by a species smart, but unwise, clever, but messy.
Why not be … all … we may be?

No need though to join armies (God forbid) to achieve becoming all that you can be.
It’s all in Scriptures … regardless of your faith. So be
true to your faith, to your creed and/or to your convictions. Remonstrate as need be.
Join forces … or has-beens … soon … you’ll be.


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