On this final day of #NapoWriMo, a breaking headline; no stay … of execution;
no stay of execution; not for Oklahoma inmates; not for us;
nor for Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians and, most recently, the Ukrainians.
But it’s a new day. We are one … all seven billion … of us.

Seven billion or so of us are, along with Mother Earth and all of its denizens, one.
So, once upon a time, God googled a gaggle of six inter-galactics,
giving them a seemingly impossible mission; to tweet (wo)mankind into submission.
How on Earth would Allah/God/Yahweh have the tweeters do it?

“What ten words do you bequeath?” each inter-galactic was e-mailed, identically.
All were from a resident at bliss dot com. Surreally,
upon each not finding any resident there but implausibly, only
each other, over wine, cheese and the net was a Council born … dreamily.

The six surmised He would have them tweet, to blog, to write, a nonfictional,
fiction. And so they wrote The Wine and Cheese Miracles
… An Atlas … Tweeted. While dreaming, tweeting, blogging and drafting The Miracles;
they discovered … secrets … alchemical.

And so came to pass upon Milky Way dreams that delightful interchanges ensued;
the setting; cyberspace; the pressing subject matters;
education, peace and prosperity. Six lives intertwined when somehow so summoned,
the subjects … on cue … all dreamed together.

In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and now in the Ukraine, proudly inveterate nationals
reprise the Holocaust, unconsciously committed to the proposition,
that ‘never again’, be forever, again and again. To wit, Gog, a Russian national
stars in the chachomanopapa blog … of a fictional … nonfiction.


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