Tetragrammaton is that mysterious four letter transliteration acting,
as substitute and symbol for the ineffable
name of God. To this day, Jews neither speak nor write it to avoid somehow profaning
it …. It and Adonai … form Jehovah.

Allah, God, Jehovah and Yahweh is the One Almighty Author of the Holy
Qu’ran and the Testaments (Old and New). The brotherhood
of all men, is therein commanded. Yet, that aspect of our faiths we expressly,
by our actions … belie. If we could, should …

… we be brotherly to our brethren? If we could, should we be neighborly,
to our neighbor, who as well, is our brethren whether,
we know him well, or not? If we could, should we be, to an itinerant stranger, friendly?
After all … he too is … a blood brother.

God’s intent is patently clear. Our pluralistic Scriptures expressly make of all
men a community; all free to believe, or not.
Leave judging to the Creator. Ask questions. Conduct inventories. Tear down the walls
immuring us …. Connect with all … or not.

Absolutely leave, the judging to Him. In all things, don’t substitute puny human
judgment for His. The spirit of chachomanopapa is in its
evangelism, sans proselytism. All hear what everybody’s got to say. Every man,
free (within law) … to do … as he deems fit.

Wisdom’s prism is revelatory. God’s Scriptures, the stories of peoples and prophets,
and (wo)man’s sum knowledge, through their books, may conjunctively
relegate red-herring controversies to their place, i.e., academic debate. Let’s profit
from heavens, flora and fauna. They make easy …

… decisions not to doubt, as does the agnostic; or affirmatively, deny,
as does the atheist. The Council wonder then,
who, when the shit hits the fan, of those who recant at the end, may rely,
on His loving and forgiving nature … then?

An enhanced capability to communicate with one another is the key
to achieving a semblance of peace, prosperity,
and a benevolence borne of love. The net may transform confining ubiety,
to a semblance of God-like … ubiquity.


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