Profound thought, at first individually, then collectively, may set in motion
forces far greater than those that may be mustered by
any lone individual. We have learned but not yet mastered, said incisive lesson.
Best we act forthwith, and not … by and by.

God’s intent is patently clear. Our pluralistic Scriptures expressly make of all of humanity,
a single community; all (wo)men, free to believe, or not.
Leave judging to the Creator. Ask questions. Conduct inventories. Tear down the walls surreally
immuring us. Connect with all … or not.

Absolutely leave the judging to Him. In all things, don’t substitute your puny human
judgment for His. The spirit of chachomanopapa is in its
evangelism, sans proselytism. All hear what everybody’s got to say. Every man
free, (within the law), to do … as (s)he deems fit.

Wisdom’s prism’s revelatory. God’s Scriptures, the stories of peoples and prophets i.e., our history
and man’s sum knowledge, through his books, may conjunctively
relegate red-herring controversies to their place i.e., academic debate. Surreally,
heavens, flora and fauna hint that we can do this … easily.


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